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Pensacola Beach, Florida


Contact Information
Baywatch is managed by
Beach Condo Management
Linda Watson
P.O. Box 954
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

2018/2019 Board of Directors

President - Judy Miller (E-1)
Vice-President - Julia Dantin (A-7)
Secretary - Jacquie Wallace (B-4)
Treasurer - Chuck Cadden (A-12)
Mary Lou Marchman (D-2)
Roger Marchman (D-2)
Phil Joslyn (A-11)
Dustin Reeves (A-6)
Bill Campbell (C-12)

Do you have questions for the Board of Directors?

Please submit them to

Building Representatives

Building A
Julia Dantin 850-686-0890
Building B
Jacquie Wallace 850-384-9792
Building C
Barbara Miksch 850-698-4294
Building D

Building E
Judy Miller 850-287-0408
Building F
Mary Lou Marchman 850-777-7630
Building G & H
Bob Madden 612-865-3689



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